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The Borough Free Fridge

The Borough Free Fridge is currently operating a delivery service to support households in our community who are shielding, self-isolating or struggling financially in the current COVID-19 pandemic.  We are preparing 1000 fresh cooked, healthy meals on site each week with our team of volunteer chefs.  We are receiving over a tonne of surplus food from Fareshare to redistribute each week and we're buying fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat to supplement our food packages. 

If you live in SE1, SE11, SE16 or SE17 and are in need of food then please get in touch (0207 357 7331 or kate@stgeorge-themartyr.co.uk).

We are extremely grateful to all our donors an supporters, we couldn't operate without them:  The James Howard Dawson & Aman Birrane Foundation; United St Saviours; St George the Martyr Charity; Southwark Council; Heathrow Airport and all the individuals who have so generously donated directly and through our Crowdfunder.

Funder Focus: 

From West to Central – Heathrow Community Trust help those in need in our Borough

COVID 19 has been a challenge for everyone, but certain parts of the community have found themselves with the added burden of trying to access or afford food.  Many of our friends and neighbours in Borough are shielding to keep themselves safe, or are self-isolating due to infection or symptoms.  Increasing numbers are finding themselves struggling financially with sudden changes in circumstances.  The Borough Free Fridge has been working hard to prepare delicious meals and deliver fresh and healthy groceries to those around us.  We’ve been heartened by the way businesses and individuals have pulled together to give their time and skills to help us – we are hugely grateful to our wonderful team of volunteers – cooking hundreds of meals a week, unloading food deliveries, and tirelessly walking, cycling and driving supplies to households across the area.  Special mention should go to Bubble Food (Camberwell), Fooditude (Bermondsey) and School of Wok (Covent Garden) who have produced fabulous meals for distribution week in week out.

We have been pleased to receive funding to support our work – this week we’re delighted to receive a grant from the Heathrow Community Trust (HCT).  The HCT is funded through fines issued to airlines operating flights to or from Heathrow outside the normal operational hours.  These fines are normally used locally around Heathrow for projects which benefit the local community that are affected by such movements.  Due to the impact of COVID 19, the HCT has been able to extend grants to the wider London community, and was pleased to donate £1,500 to the Borough Free Fridge project.  £850 will go towards a new freezer to ensure minimum  food waste and preserve food donations, with a further £650 to provide a supply of goods to support young babies and those with specific food or allergen requirements.

Over the recent years the increase in aviation traffic has led to many local organisations benefitting from such grants and also manpower with team away days – staff from Heathrow Airport, airlines and handling agents providing staff hours to assist with landscaping, Scout Hut renovations and a myriad of similar projects.  The quiet skies at the moment have forced the HCT to pause further grant approvals, however your friends at both the HCT and Heathrow Airport will help on an individual basis.