Worship at St George's


Regular Services


11am Sung Eucharist and Sunday School & Crèche 

7pm Compline and Meditation

Weekday Services

12.45pm Wednesday Eucharist

Morning and Evening Prayer

8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday

9am Saturday



You are very welcome to any of our services. If it's your first time, we look forward to meeting you!



What happens in worship at St George's?


• Our main Sunday service begins at 11am. If it’s your first time, come between about 10:50 and 10:55. It’s good to have a bit of time before the service to sit quietly. But many people turn up at 11am, so don’t be surprised if the building is quite quiet before then. Sit wherever you like.


• Dress how you feel comfortable. If you want a bit more guidance, think of what you’d wear for a simple meal at a pub or café with friends.


• You’ll be welcomed at the door and given the service booklet for the week. 


• During the service, everything will be announced clearly: we won’t leave you wondering whether to stand or sit, or what to say.


• The service normally follows a similar order:

· We begin with a hymn, and then some prayers that help us remember that we need God’s forgiveness and strength in all we do.

· We then hear a series of readings from the Bible and hear a sermon which explains how these are relevant for our lives today.

· We then share bread and wine as we celebrate the Eucharist (also known as communion or mass) together. If you regularly receive communion in another church, do come forward and receive the bread and wine. Otherwise, do come forward with everyone else and simply keep your hands down. That’s the way that the minister will know that you don’t want to receive. Instead, he or she will pray a short prayer of blessing for you. If you prefer to stay in your seat, that’s alright too.

• We have a crèche for children aged 0-5 available throughout the service – you must accompany your child. Sunday school, for 5-11 year olds, starts when an announcement is made about 15 minutes into the service.

Latest Sermons

Published by Jonathan Sedgwick on Sun, 19 Jan 2020 16:36

I don’t really think that the citizens of my beloved city of Sheffield are any more honest or intelligent than people just 80 miles away in Liverpool.   But the advertisers do.&nbs...

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Do you believe in angels?

Accordingly to some surveys more people believe in angels than in God, which is surely a bit surprising.   ...

Published by David Pape on Thu, 26 Sep 2019 15:06


Luke 15.1-10

 Now all the tax collectors and sinners were coming near to listen to Jesus. And the Pharisees and the scribes were grumbling and saying, ...

Published by Sam Hole on Sun, 22 Sep 2019 23:32

Luke 16.1-13

22 September 2019

St George’s


In today’s gospel Jesus offers us a difficult parable. Not difficult first an...

Published by Jonathan Sedgwick on Sun, 1 Sep 2019 16:41

A few weeks ago I was enjoying my day off.  I’d been out for a run, an old friend was coming for dinner something I was so relaxed about that still in my sweaty clothes at nearly 7pm I ...

Published by Sam Hole on Tue, 23 Jul 2019 13:04

Proper 11, Year C

Genesis 18.1-10a • Psalm 15 • Colossians 1.15-28 • Luke 10.38-42 ...

Published by David Pape on Thu, 4 Jul 2019 16:23

Luke 8.26-39 – A Stewardship Sermon 

Jesus and his disciples arrived at the country of the Gerasenes, which is opposite Galilee. As he ste...

Published by Jonathan Sedgwick on Sun, 30 Jun 2019 15:04

1 Kings 19 vvs 15 - 16 and 19 - end

Galatians 5 v. 1 and vvs 13 - 25

Luke 9 v 51 - end

When my father...

Published by Sam Hole on Sun, 16 Jun 2019 11:00

Trinity Sunday

Proverbs 8.1-4,22-31 • Psalm 8 • Romans 5.1-5 • John 16.12-15

St George...

Published by Jonathan Sedgwick on Sun, 9 Jun 2019 16:23

Today as well as celebrating the pouring out of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost we start our stewardship campaign.   ...

Published by Sam Hole on Sun, 19 May 2019 11:00

5th Sunday of Easter, Year C

Acts 11.1-18 • Psalm 148* • Revelation 21.1-6 • John 13.31-35...

Published by David Pape on Wed, 1 May 2019 16:41

Seeing is believing?

 One of the odd things about accounts of the early resurrection appearances of Jesus is the gospel writers’ willingness to record the fa...

Published by Jonathan Sedgwick on Tue, 23 Apr 2019 11:05

What are you afraid of?  Most people have a phobia….whats yours? Is it mice, spiders.  According to google: ...

Published by David Pape on Sat, 20 Apr 2019 19:48

What are you doing for Lent?


That might seem a pointless question on this, the last Sunday of Lent, what with Palm Sunday and Holy Week fa...

Published by Sam Hole on Fri, 19 Apr 2019 12:00

The Preaching of the Passion

Good Friday

19 April 2019

Genesis 22.1-18 • Luke 23.26-49 • Romans 8.31-34...

Published by Sam Hole on Thu, 18 Apr 2019 18:30

Maundy Thursday

Exodus 12.1-4, 11-14 • Psalm 116.1, 10-17 • 1 Corinthians 11.23-26 • John 13.1-17, 31b-35...

Published by Sam Hole on Wed, 17 Apr 2019 18:00

Wednesday of Holy Week

Isaiah 50.4-9a • Psalm 70 • Hebrews 12.1-3 • John 13.21-32


Published by Sam Hole on Tue, 16 Apr 2019 18:24

Tuesday of Holy Week

Isaiah 49.1-7 • Psalm 71.1-14* • 1 Corinthians 1.18-31 • John 12.20-36...

Published by Sam Hole on Mon, 15 Apr 2019 18:43

Monday of Holy Week

Isaiah 42.1-9 • Psalm 36.5-11 • Hebrews 9.11-15 • John 12.1-11 ...

Published by Sam Hole on Wed, 6 Mar 2019 13:15

Ash Wednesday

Matthew 6.1-6,16-21

6 March 2019


At the end of last year I went to see a wonderful musical at the National Theatre. ...

Published by Jonathan Sedgwick on Sun, 24 Feb 2019 17:30

I love the sea.  I love looking at it especially on a calm, sunny day when it appears so blue and inviting, but most of all, I love being in it.  ...

Published by David Pape on Tue, 19 Feb 2019 15:41

Luke 6.17-26


He came down with the disciples and stood on a level place, with a great crowd of his disciples and a great multitude of people from all Judea, Jeru...

Published by Sam Hole on Sun, 3 Feb 2019 15:29


Malachi 3.1-5 • Hebrews 2.14-18 • Luke 2.22-40

3rd February 2019

St Christopher’...

Published by Sam Hole on Sun, 20 Jan 2019 11:00

3rd Sunday of Epiphany, Year C

Isaiah 62.1-5 • Psalm 36.5-10 1 Corinthians 12.1-11 • John 2.1-11...

Published by David Pape on Tue, 15 Jan 2019 15:14


Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

 As the people were filled with expectation, and all were questioning in their hearts concerning John, whether he might be t...

Published by David Pape on Fri, 4 Jan 2019 15:37

Luke 2:41-52

Every year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the festival of the Passover. And when he was twelve years old, they went up as usual for the festival....

Published by Sam Hole on Tue, 25 Dec 2018 11:00

Christmas Day

Isaiah 9.2-7 • Psalm 96 • Titus 2.11-14 • Luke 2.1-14 [15-20]

25 December 2...

Published by Sam Hole on Mon, 24 Dec 2018 22:57

4th Sunday of Advent

Micah 5.2-5a • Psalm 80.1-8 • Hebrews 10.5-10 • Luke 1.39-55

23 De...

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