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Our School

St Jude’s Church of England Primary School

We have a very close relationship with our church primary school, St Jude’s

Fr Rob regularly lead collective worship at school and once a term Fr Rob celebrates the Eucharist for the children and staff at school. Fr Jonathan, Fr Rob and other church members are governors of the school.

Major school services and events are held at St George’s, for example at Christmas and Easter. Throughout the year individual classes come to the church in the school day to learn about our faith, worship and history.

We are learning about Christian pilgrimages in RE this half term. So far we have looked at famous pilgrimages around the world and we have discussed Lourdes, Rome, Fatima and San Tiago. We also discussed the Mecca where Muslim people go and we decided we would like to visit some of these places. We know that people go on pilgrimages to reflect on things in their lives and or to reflect on how they can improve their lives (Khadidja). Father Jonathan told us lots of stories and we learnt about the Canterbury Tale by Chaucer. We also learnt that the roads to Canterbury, where people travelled in the old days are right beside our church. Father Jonathan explained the pulpit in church to us and the symbol of the Eagle. We really enjoyed our visit and we would like to visit again.

Quote from Year 5 pupil