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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Support

We firmly believe that the church is here for everyone and if you are in need of pastoral care and support or prayer then you are warmly welcome to make contact with one of the priests to make an arrangement to meet. You can contact Fr Ben by email: Rector@sgtm.org.uk

Blessings and other celebrations

There are many other situations in life when people may seek a blessing, prayer for support or encouragement or celebration and we warmly welcome you to speak to one of the priests or contact us at if you would like to make an enquiry.



Arrangements for confession – or the sacrament of penance as it is sometimes called – should be made directly with Fr Ben: Rector@sgtm.org.uk

Home Communion

For those who are housebound or for some reason no longer able to get to church, we offer communion in your own home. Please contact Fr Ben:  Rector@sgtm.org.uk