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Water City Music

Water City Music (www.watercitymusic.com) is a charity which brings together people from different walks of life to play music together.  When people perform collectively, everyone benefits and learns from each other. 

Their concerts are professional performances, but they include less experienced musicians playing in a few short pieces.  These musicians have been prepared in earlier workshops.

Their annual flagship event has in the past been at the Tower of London, where hundreds of children perform in choirs and ensembles during a period of a week. Along with that, and just as importantly, they work year-round in other venues, including St George the Martyr.   These year-round concerts involve children playing with professional musicians in interesting and unusual venues.  Performers and audience gain a collective sense of having taken part in something greater than themselves.  Novice performers play alongside professionals and develop their skill of listening and appreciation.  More experienced performers develop mentoring skills and are invigorated. Community leaders are engaged and supported. Everyone gains, learns and enjoys.

For further information, including for forthcoming concerts at St George the Martyr, please contact the Director of Water City Music at michael.bochmann@btinternet.com or the Administrator of Water City Music at admin@watercitymusic.com