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Rev'd Jonathan Sedgwick


I’ve been at St George’s since 2014. I love living and working in this area. I love the diversity of people and just how much is going on and especially how much community activity there is. Being a parish priest, talking to people about their troubles and joys, praying with people, sharing faith and encouraging people is just the best job I can imagine. Although I have been ordained for almost 30 years, for much of that time I volunteered as a priest and worked in the Home Office. The highlight of my civil service career was definitely when I was Principal Private Secretary to David Blunkett, someone I admire enormously. I hope I can bring some of the skills I learnt in those days to this job. When I am not working, I enjoy keeping fit, climbing mountains, cooking, reading, going to the theatre and to concerts and even a bit of gardening.

Contact Details:


0207 357 7331